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Brown Opal

Splendid light-brown stones. Warm autumn colors.

opal,brown opal,necklace,gift,earrings,opalite,jewelry, semiprecious stones
56 cm long necklace
Euro 15
opal,brown opal,necklace,gift,earrings,red jasper,jewelry, semiprecious stones
Brown Opal and Red Jasper
71 cm long necklace
Euro 15

Brown Opal Mala

This mala is from 8mm brown opal beads with red jasper deviders. Big leave Guru bead and "tendrils". Euro 20. ORDER

mala,semiprecious stones mala,brown opal, red jasper

Stones For Touristic Look

If you prefere touristic look as I do, you can like this my invention: minimalistic necklace and earrings with metal wire for necklaces that is "invisible" on the skin. Can make something similar how you prefere it from any stone I have (look "About Stones" page).



Rose Quartz In My Necklaces

Rose quartz is symbol of the love. Here I wanted to show you the necklaces with this stone I have actually.

Mala From Semiprecious Stones


All info and more photos about mala I offer, you can find on this page Mala From Semiprecious Stones

New Cat's Eyes Bracelets

bracelet,amethyst,citrine,rose quartz,aventurine,tourmaline,garnet,lazurite
More photos of these bracelets you can see in this video in YouTube

Or you can read newsletter's posts with more photos
Red Gatnet Bracelet With Cat's Eyes

Cat's Eyes Bracelets

All The Cat's Eyes Bracelets

The Stone Of Good Luck

Order the articles you like or ask questions writing me a mail (
The prices are euro 8 (rose quartz SOLD, amethyst, tourmaline) and euro 9 (all others)

CLICK the photos to pass to the BIG PICTURE

amethyst,necklaces,necklace,gift,semiprecious stones

jasper,leopard skin jasper,dalmatian jasper,dragon blood jasper,red jasper,necklace,gift,

howlite,turquoise,imperial turquoise,necklaces,necklace,bracelet,earrings,semiprecious stones

Carnelian Page (click here to pass)

carnelian necklaces

 Other Videos Of My Necklaces And Bracelets You can watch here:

All Green Necklaces

unakite,tourmaline,malachite,red jasper,chrysocolla,aventurine,swarovsky crystalls,leopard skin jasper,rhodonite,rose quartz

avventurine,azurite,necklaceEuro 20
  78 cm long,
Euro 15
  76cm long
Euro 17
fluorite, avventurine
52 cm long
Euro 15
Rhodonite, rose quartz, Swarovsky crystalls
74 cm long
leopard skin jasper,aventurine,citrine,necklace
Euro 19
Leopard skin jasper, aventurine, citrine,
54 cm long

malachite,tourmaline,necklace,giftEuro 16,80
Tourmaline, malachite
100 cm long

Some of the articles are new and maybe you don't find them in my sites else. Excuse me, I had not possibility to add them because of technical problems. Write to me to ask about them and for more photos.
Order the articles you like or ask questions writing me a mail (


Fluorite Necklaces And Bracelets

 fluorite,black onyx,gift,necklace,
Euro 19
fluorite, black onyx
62 cm long
fluorite chips necklace
Euro 6
fluorite chips necklace
46 cm long
 fluorite stone necklace
Euro 5
fluorite stone and 4 chips
46 cm long necklace with1,5 -2 cm big stone
 fluorite necklace and bracelet
Euro 2,50
fluorite chips bracelet
21 cm with elastic cord
Euro 17
Fluorite, aventurine, citrine
  52 cm long

I began to prepare Albums where I want to system all my photos according to the stones. I had not enough time to finish this work befor I go in vacation, but I have just some of them ready. So if you are interested, visit the page of Stone's Albums

Black Onyx in my Necklaces

black onyx,bronzite,fluorite

black onyx,fluorite,necklace,gift
Euro 19
fluorite, black onyx
62 cm long
black onyx,bronzite,dalmatian jasper,necklace,gift,jewelry,jewel
Euro 19,60 (17 without cross)
Bronzite, black onyx, dalmatian jasper (with or without cross)
53 cm, bronzite 3 cm, onyx 2,5 cm, 4x4 cm cross, all pendant 7 cm
black onyx,swarovsky crystalls,necklace,gift,jewel,jewelry
Black onyx,swarovsky crystalls
82 cm long

Order the articles you like or ask questions writing me a mail ( The Top Of The Page


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Semiprecious Gemstones Are Not Only Beautiful And Alive. They Can Heal You With Their Vibrations And Are Used For Divinations And Rituals
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nnThe price of the packing dipends on the dimensions and gift- or simple pack you order.

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