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carnelian beads

Carnelian is very interesting stone because has different and many precious healing qualities. It's calming, it's used in to heal wounds even in the cliniks because has slow healing radiation. They say, it's the most powerful love talisman too.

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I wrote about it many times in my blogs "Il Mondo Mistico Delle Pietre Semipreziose" and "Mystic Gemstones Blog" (  Carnelian (5) )

I have some necklaces, bracelets, earrings with mono- and multicolor Carnelian. These are those with big stones:

carnelian necklaces

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Carnelian-black turquoise set
is possible to use as mala (half mala necklace and 21 beads bracelet)
50 cm long necklace
Euro 15
tear drops carnelian necklace
Teardrops necklace euro 15
This necklace is 45 cm long with facetated tear drops 3,8 cm big.
teadrops carnelian necklace

There are different other jewels

SOLD This is an other necklace with both multicolor facetated and monocolor carnelian beads. They underline the beauty of Leopard skin Jasper.

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Very bautiful is the S-shape carnelian bracelet with stones 4 cm long (euro 20)

carnelianS-shape bracelet

Little round beads bracelet (with elastic silicon) and earrings
Bracelet euro 3,50
Earrings 7 cm long euro 4.

carnelian earrings                                              carnelian beads bracelet

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Semiprecious Gemstones Are Not Only Beautiful And Alive. They Can Heal You With Their Vibrations And Are Used For Divinations And Rituals
Shipping and packing
Your order I'll send you with Paccocelere (CLICK HERE), express courier service of Italian Posts. The prices depend on the weight of the pack and the State where you live.

nnThis service gives possibility to track the pack via internet.

nnThere is possibility of insurance service too. It's price is euro 5,68.

nnThe price of the packing dipends on the dimensions and gift- or simple pack you order.

I'm interested you are VERY content with my service, so
1/ your order will be sent as fast as possible (1-2 working days)
2/ I will never use your address for "bad" things (like spam, pubblicity ecc)

Payment Methods
I accept PayPal, Postpay,Credit Cards payment.
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