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  Turquoise Howlite
turquoise,howlite,gift,semiprecious stones
imperial turquoise,turquoise,gift,semiprecious stones
Imperial Turquoise

Articles from the Newspaper about Turquoise and Howlite
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And There Is Who Loves Turquoise
Turquoise Or Not?

Order the articles you like or ask questions writing me a mail (

I have stones of different shapes, as you see on the photos, and offer you articles I made from them. As said, most articles are unique. So if you like it and want to buy, you will receive the object you see on the photo.
You can order your personal special object. We will create it together. I'll send you photos of how I've resolved the problem you gave me, and you can correct the thing.
Don't worry, I like this job and do it with pleasure and you are not obligued to buy something we create together if you don't like it.

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howlite,turquoise,opalite,necklace,gift,semiprecious stones

Necklace With Teadrop Beads
Euro 15
54 cm long
with metal beads
Order the articles you like or ask questions writing me a mail (

howlite,turquoise,metal beads,necklace,gift,semiprecious stones

imperial tuquoise,howlite,necklace,gift,semiprecious stones,zodiac,jewelry

80 cm long
Euro 20
howlite,black sea shells,necklace,gift,jewelry,
46 cm long
Euro 10
howlite,imperial turquoise,necklace,gift,jewelry,
59 cm long
Euro 15
68 cm long,
12 mm beads
Euro 15

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 Turquoise/Howlite And Garnet Mala

SOLD 8 mm beads for this Howlite/Turquoise mala with red garnet deviders and big oval bead as Guru bead.

Order the articles you like or ask questions writing me a mail (

howlite,turquoise,garnet,bracelet,earrings,semiprecious stones

SOLD Bracelet Euro 4
SOLD Earrings Euro 4, they are 5,5 cm long

Order the articles you like or ask questions writing me a mail (

garnet,howlite,turquoise,earrings,gift,semiprecious stones howlite,turquoise,garnet,bracelet,earrings,semiprecious stones

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Semiprecious Gemstones Are Not Only Beautiful And Alive. They Can Heal You With Their Vibrations And Are Used For Divinations And Rituals
Shipping and packing
Your order I'll send you with Paccocelere (CLICK HERE), express courier service of Italian Posts. The prices depend on the weight of the pack and the State where you live.

nnThis service gives possibility to track the pack via internet.

nnThere is possibility of insurance service too. It's price is euro 5,68.

nnThe price of the packing dipends on the dimensions and gift- or simple pack you order.

I'm interested you are VERY content with my service, so
1/ your order will be sent as fast as possible (1-2 working days)
2/ I will never use your address for "bad" things (like spam, pubblicity ecc)

Payment Methods
I accept PayPal, Postpay,Credit Cards payment.
For more details contact me via e-mail:

I'll procede with your order AFTER I've received your payment.

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