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Zodiac And Semiprecious Gemstones
The Belt Of The Amazon
Zodiac-Gemstones List
How To Choose Your Stone
Live Forever Using Gemstones
How To Cure Your Gemtone Jewelry
Gemstone Hardness
What Influences The Price Of A Gemstone?
The Real Value Of A Precious Stone
Colors And Stones
Chakras, Energetical System And Semiprecious Stones
Headaches And Semiprecious Gemstones
Does Alternative Medicine Work?

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amethyst necklace

Zodiac and semiprecious gemstones

I have to precise that I personally do not believe in the astrological predictions and that is wwhy I normally don't write about it. But I have many questions and requests about it and can't ignore this theme completely.

I don't want to say that I don't accept astrology as a sort of science. No. The only thing is that the common astrological descriptions are made only to tell something, to satisfy the request of the information.

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bronzite, black onyx,dalmatian jasper,necklace

The Belt Of The Amazon

Amazonite... Surely the first thought in your head will be that this name of a stone comes from the name of the river Amazonas. You fall. It's not so. More. There are not and there were never caves of amazonite in this region. As<the conseguence the name can't be associated with this river.

But I have an interesting story to tell you about it.
Myths of Antient Greece tell us that the belt of the head of Amazones was made from green stones. And the women worriers took a green stone with them when they went in the battle. Nobody knows if it was amazonite or not, but...

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amazonite,opalite,sea shell,necklace

Zodiac-Gemstones List

This time I offer you a list of gemstones and the zodiac signs they correspond. This list I comelled using different sources but all from european tradition. You know that there are many different traditions and schools and they give often very different informations. From other side, normally you find only 2-4 stones when you read articles about this or that zodiac sign. .....
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How to use this table?

Near every zodiac sign you find "Yes"-stones. These are MOST appropriate for your zodiac sign stones. It means that you can use other stones too, but the greatest benefits of the qualities of the stones you will become if you use THIS stones.  ...

One reader asked me recently: she read in one horoscope that her stone is amethyst. She has this stone and is happy with it. In this table amethyst is not-stone for her sign. Why?

I can answer so: First of all, to make this table I used different "professional" sources. They were in russian, american (to distinguish the countries) and english. So, completely different as provenience. I did not find differences in these sources. So, I think, this table can be considerate as good.

Second: To know your stone you have to consult not public horoscopes, but a serious professional astrologist that can make your map and give you stone advises too.

In any case -as for me- you have to believe your intuition, your unconscious. If you feel good with this stone -it's YOUR stone.

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   Yes No
Aries Carnelian, amethyst, ruby, calcedony, amazonite, turquoise white , garnet red, diamond Howlite, aventurina, agate
Taurus Sapphire, emerald, carnelian, quartz rose, turquoise green, topaz, ruby, amazonite, howlite, garnet red, chrisocolla, aventurina (non more than1 Moon phase),agate, Amethyst
Gemini Beryl, citrine, topaz, alexandrite, amethyst, smoky quartz, rhodonite, carnelian, aventurina (only for one event a time), Hematite,aquamarina
Cancer Emerald, ruby,aquamarina, beryl, chrisoberyl, amazonite,  tiger eye(non with other stones), hematite, smocky quartz, aventurina (non more than1 Moon phase), agate (with glod and silver), Garnet, jadeite, malachite
Leo ruby, garnet, chrisodite, topaz, citrine, zirconio, tourmaline, amber Amethyst, turquoise, howlite
Virgo Sapphire, emerald, citrine, garnet, chrisolite, nefrite (jade), onix, carnelian, turquoise white , howlite, aventurina (non more than1 Moon phase), jasper Hematite, malachite, aventurina
Libra Chrisodite, topaz, amethyst, tourmaline, beryl, azurite, smocky quartz, garnet green, malachite, nefrite, rhodonite, aventurina (only for one event a time), agate (with glod and silver), opal  
Scorpio Topaz, acquamarina, alexandrite, garnet, tourmaline, unakite, amazonite, turquoise green, hematite, howlite, smocky quartz, black quartz, tiger eye(non with other stones), opale,aventurina (non more than1 Moon phase), Jadeite
Sagittarius garnet, Sapphire, emerald, topaz, amethyst, chrisocolla, tourmaline, turquoise white-azzurra Amazonite, howlite, smoky quartz, aventurina, agate,aquamarina
Capricorn Ruby, garnet, turquoise, chrisoberyl, zirconio, howlite, aventurina (non more than1 Moon phase), Smocky Quartz, jadeite, lapis lazuli
Aquarius amethyst, acquamarina, sapphire, garnet green, sea shell, smocky quartz,aventurina (only for one event a time), agate (with glod and silver), rose quartz  
Pisces Amethyist, spinelle, acquamarina, sapphire, alexandrite, peridot, turquoiae white , smocky quartz, opale, sea shell, aventurina (non more than1 Moon phase), agate (once a week), Hematite, garnet, jadeite


How To Choose Your Stone

Many times I hear the persons buy "mystic" objects after reading public horoscopes and articles that explain meanings of the stones. I wrote just about horoscopes. Today I wanted to add some considerations about How to choose your stone.

No, I don't whant to say you are not right if you have bought a stone after reading such articles, those maybe are the most informative articles you can find. And I don't want to say these articles are not good and you must read MY articles. No. Those can be very professional articles. I want to say only, I don't approve this approach. Why?

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Live Forever Using Gemstones

The theme of ethernal life is really very sensitive. Maybe because everybody of us is afraid of the death. One day we understand that we have to die and sometimes become so great fear, that begin to look for possibilities to prolong the life. One tryies with healthy eating, other "runs from heart attack". This time I found a discussion about the role of gemstones on the way to ethernity  in a forum of young scientists.

I thought the theme is interesting enough and entertaining to post it here in my newsletter.

No,no, I don't want to tell you the fable that if you wear the necklaces I offer you will reach ethernity. ))

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rose quartz,necklace

How To Cure Your Gemtone Jewelry

One of the questions that interests many of us is how to clean our jewelry. There are different general rules or traditions. One of them is to use toothpaste and toothbrush (what I normally do with gold and silver). Others speak about dish and clothe cleansers that are good for gold and similar metalls. But these agents are too dangerous for some jewelry articles, so somebody advices to use liquid soap.

Well, all these methods are not bad if after the first treatment your jewelry remains alive.

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unakite,red jasper,necklace

Gemstone Hardness

To cure your gemstones you have to know how hard are they. If your gemstone is hard, you can use brushes and more abrasive cleansing agents. If the stone is not so hard (hardness less than 5 in this table) it will be better if you clean it not very frequently, use gentle brushes or don't use them at all.

Gemstone Hardness Gemstone Hardness
Amazonite 6 Jasper 6.5 - 7.0.
Amethyst 7 Lapis Lazuli 5.5.
Aventurine 7 Malachite 3.5 - 4.0.
Azurite 3.5 - 4.0. Onyx 6.5 - 7.0.
Amber 2,0-2,5 Opal 5.5 - 6.5.
Bronzite 5,0-6,0 Peridot 6.5 - 7.0.
Carnelian 6.5 - 7.0. Quartz 7.0.
Chrysocolla 2.0 - 4.0. Rhodonite 5.5 - 6.5.
Citrine 7.0. Tiger's Eye 7.0.
Fluorite 4.0. Tourmaline 7.0.
Garnet 7.0 - 7.5. Turquoise 5.0 - 6.0.
Hematite 5.5 - 6.5. Unakite 6,0-7,0
Howlite 3.5. Sea Shells 2,5-4,5
Jade, Nefrite 6.0 - 7.0.    

red jasper,dalmatian jasper,quartz

What Influences The Price Of A Gemstone?

I just unswered this question different times here: how is it possible that I have relatively low prices if I sell semiprecious gemstones? It's not because they are not natural or something similar. These stones are natural, are not false and not imitations (if so, I write about it: see description of Opalite). These stones have relatively low prices because have defects compared with the gems of high price.

What are these defects? Here is an example to explane you the situation:

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The Real Value Of A Precious Stone

If we want to continue the theme of precious and semiprecious stones we have to precise what we mean when we use this words. They say there is not a clearity in this therms. Traditionally precious are called diamant, sapphire, emerald, ruby and perls. But there are stones that cost more than diamands of the same weight, for example. We said just that diamonds can have diferent defects like color etc and a semiprecous tourmaline or opal or other stone could have higher price as this dimond.

An other interesting thing is

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black onyx,swarovsky crystalls,necklace

Colors And Stones

If we want to speak about semiprecious stones here, we have to speak about colors too. I just wrote some posts about colors but it was nothing specific. Today I want to give ou more precise information.

First of all we will ask the question: what is color? It's impression, chromatic interpretation of the light.

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black onyx

Chakras, Energetical System And Semiprecious Stones

In my previous articles I began to write about colors and spoke about their energetical structure because it is unpossible to avoid this thema. Colors make a part of the energetical structure of te Universe so like human beings make a part of it too. And today even the most lazy and ignorant can not say that he/she did not know about it. Every day (fast letteraly) we hear about a new alternative healing. But if you look at them very attentively you will understand that they have the vibratory, energetical theory as their base.

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Chakra Main Gemstone Other gemstones
The lowest chakra (Muladhara)
Hematite Agate ,Garnet (red), Obsidian, Black Onyx
Genitals (Svadhisthana) Amethyst Heliotrope, Onyx, Ruby, Saphire, Carnelian, Chrysocolla, Citrine
Solar Plexus (Manipura) Emerald Acquamarina, Gagate, Giacint, Coral red, Saphire yellow, Carnelian, Crisolite, Citrine, Amber, Calcite yellow, Tiger Eye, Pirite, Jasper.
Heart (Anahata) Carnelian Avventurine green, Amazonite, Heliotrope, Emerald, coral rose, Moonstone, Malachite, Nefrite, Opale, Ruby, Quartz rose, Tourmaline green, Crisolite, chrysoprase
Throut (Vishudha) Saphire Aquamarine, Amazonite, Gagate, Moonstone, Lapis lazuli,  Saphire blue, Agate blue, Carnelian
Third Eye Diamant Avventurine blue, Amethyst, Lapis lazuli, Saphire, Sodalite,
Croun (Sahasrara) All the stones Alexandrite, Amethyst, Quartz white, Rock Crystal


Headaches And Semiprecious Gemstones

One italian reader asked me about stones she can use when she has headaches. Here I want to make an overview of 2 posts about it I wrote in my blog in italian.

The headaches are not a sickness mostly, but a little (or big) bell that wants to attract our attention to a problem we have with our health.That is why the first thing you have to do when you have it is to understand where it comes from.
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Does Alternative Medicine Work?

In my articles I write often about alternative medicine remedies. It is mandatory since I write about semiprecious gemstones. But many persons think that I do it only to promote the items I sell. I spoke with a seller in a semiprecious stones shop about this medicine. We remembered red jasper that is used -as is written in many books and she had one of these books in her hand- to stop blood too. If you are bleeding, said she, you will surely go to the doctor and will not think about jasper.

Well, nobody says you have avoid therapist if you need it. Even if there are cases when one is bleeding for long period -when is possible (and very good) to use red jasper as a help to "normal" healing. As for me, I would surely use (and used) herbs in this case. Nettle precisely.

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